New Webmail gives you so much more!

Login to the new Webmail by visiting  Upon login, you will see the tool bar at the top of the screen:

Click the icons to perform the following functions:

Compose:  Write new mail.  You can also save drafts of mail that you’re working on.

Addresses:  Create a personal address book by entering the e-mail and personal information of friends and family.  Webmail also allows you to “grab” addresses information from mail you receive.

Folders:  Organize your mail into folders for quick and easy access.  This option allows you to create, rename, or delete folders.

Webmail Options:  Customize your Webmail!  You can change spell check options, personal information, folder information, and much more.

Account Settings:  Through our new Webmail application, we give you easy access to your account settings.  Click the Account Options icon located at the top of the screen   Login to this tool using your same User ID and Password and:

§         View and update personal information

§         Change passwords

§         Set Spam Detection and Block levels

If you need any help accessing these account options, please call our technical support number.

Search Mail:  This powerful search function allows you to search using key words through body of e-mail sent or received, as well as the following fields:  subject, from, carbon copy, and to.

Help:  No matter which features you’re using, if you need help, click the icon and you will access help screens for that portion of Webmail.

Calendar:  Now you can keep track of your activities in the same place where you check your mail!